B2B Product Table for WooCommerce

B2B Product Table for WooCommerce allows you to create a simple, flexible, and responsive product table and add powerful options like enhanced search capabilities, sorting, pagination, filters, and more.

The Ultimate Product Table Plugin For WooCommerce


Create flexible product tables ​

  • List specific products based on category, tag, status, custom taxonomy term, custom field value, or date.
  • Show or hide the quantity picker so that customers can choose a quantity directly in the product table.
  • Display the bulk variation table on any variable product’s single page.

Advanced search, sort, and filter functionality

  • Advanced search options include a filtered dropdown list. (Customers can filter by categorytagcolor, or product size)
  • Choose how to display the pagination option in the product table when you have multiple pages.
  • Display extra columns such as SKU, weight, dimensions, stock, tags, and much more.

Full product data control​

  • Disable product table visibility from non-wholesale/retail user roles.
  • Tables are fully responsive; they will automatically adapt to fit different screen sizes.
  • Addons in the product table can be displayed horizontally or vertically.

B2B Product Table for WooCommerce Features

AIOB2B helps you increase sales, acquire more customers, increase productivity and efficiencies in business, and improve your customer experience.

Drag and drop product table builder

Fully responsive design view

Sorting and filtering options

Multiple pagination options

Column customization

Full product data control

Instant add-to-cart button

Add multiple or bulk quantities to the cart

AdvancedSearch functionality

Hide table from non-wholesale roles

Bulk order table for variable products

Addon display customization

The Most Powerful & Versatile Solution for
B2B e-commerce

B2B Product Table
for WooCommerce
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Single site support

1 - year extension updates​

1 - year priority support

30-day money-back guarantee

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B2B Product Table for WooCommerce

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