10 Tips for Boosting Sales on Your WooCommerce Stores

Tips for Boosting Sales on Your WooCommerce Stores

Despite this impressive growth, many online retailers need help to generate sales figures. A significant failure percentage creates stress and frustration in you as an e-commerce store owner.

We know how crowded the market is since WooCommerce made the online e-commerce store setup easy. The latest figures show a 39% market share of e-commerce platforms owned by WooCommerce. Since with such a high number, the field becomes highly competitive; it also becomes quite tricky for WooCommerce store owners to maintain their WooCommerce store growth along with sustaining increases in sales. However, sluggish sales don’t only rely on a competitive market. As an e-commerce store owner, you must consider other factors like poor website design, ineffective marketing strategies, and subpar customer service. But don’t despair!

There are a variety of cost-effective solutions that help WooCommerce stores to overcome these low sales problems and achieve sustainable growth targets. In this blog post, we’ll explore 10 tips for boosting your Woocommerce store sales figure and practical solutions that empower you to implement the strategies efficiently.

1. Optimized Product Pages

Optimizing product pages can be a significant turning point in boosting your WooCommerce store growth by using high-quality product images and videos. A clear and concise product description helps the customer get the necessary information about the product, which can increase the likelihood of a sale.

 “A study shows that improving product description can increase conversion rate by up to 78%.”

 Adding reviews and ratings the consumers give also helps instil trust in potential customers and persuade them to purchase. Implementing a search bar can also make it easier for customers to quickly find what they want on your site, leading to a more seamless experience.

90% of customers tend to trust businesses when they come across positive reviews about them.”

2. Effective Discount Tactics

Approx. 93% of shoppers take advantage of coupons and discounts codes throughout the year

Offering discounts and promotions is another proven approach to increase sales online of WooCommerce stores. Limited-time sales and promotions create a buzz that motivates customers to purchase.

For example, Black Friday is one of the year’s biggest shopping days, and most shoppers expect to find deals with a higher discount rate. So, you might offer 30% discounts on all your products until Black Friday. By sending out promotional emails or running social media ads about your discount offer and offering coupons for discounts, you can create a sense of urgency that attracts the attention of your potential customers and influence them to avail of your discount offer.

Additionally, implementing a loyalty program for repeat customers is another effective way to value customer loyalty and encourage additional purchasing that results in better WooCommerce sales. It wins over loyalty and motivates them to return to your store for future purchases.

3. Connect With Customers in Real-Time

As a customer, have you ever browsed a website, ready to buy a product, but had a last-minute question regarding the product before taking any action? You may have looked for a mobile number or email address to connect, but these options are time-consuming and inconvenient. As a result, you abandon your purchase.

This scenario is too common for online shoppers, so it’s necessary to have an option of live chat to reach out to customers in a blink when they need your support. Installing this feature on your WooCommerce store can significantly impact your sales. Live chat lets your customers connect in real time and quickly get feedback on questions that need to be answered promptly.

Customers who use the live chat option are three times more likely to purchase than those who don’t. As immediate feedback helps, the business builds trust and confidence in your brand. That ultimately drives conversions and revenue.

4. Make Bulk Buying Simpler

Allowing customers to place bulk orders is another effective way to increase your WooCommerce revenue. When clients can purchase products in bulk, they obtain a lower per-unit price, which eventually encourages them to spend more than they would if they were buying items individually.

By offering them this option, you support customers in saving their money and expanding your store revenue generation rate. Like if you sell office supplies, you could provide a bulk ordering option for businesses that need to order large quantities of paper, pens, and other items. You can offer a customer free delivery or a discount to encourage customers to buy more products simultaneously.

Consumers can enjoy substantial savings of up to 83% when they buy in bulk More Ways to Pay, More Sales

Offering diverse payment methods plays a vital role in your WooCommerce store growth. It provides customers with greater convenience and flexibility, allowing them to select payment methods that suit their needs and preferences. Also help reduce cart abandonment rates and increase conversion rates, as customers are more likely to complete their purchase if they can pay most comfortably. It also attracts customers with limited payment options like PayPal or credit cards. That ultimately expands the customer base and overall increases WooCommerce sales.

According to Statista, the most common payment method shoppers use for e-commerce purchases is a credit card, 44% of the total, 14% is PayPal, and 32% is through debit cards.

5. Diverse Shipping Method To Serve Evolving Needs

Another amazing tip to increase WooCommerce sales is offering diverse shipping methods like free, standard, expedited, and international shipping. Customers can choose the shipping method according to their desired cost and requirement. This level of customization can help WooCommerce stores build trust and loyalty with their customers, resulting increase sales online and revenue.

40% of consumers are willing to accept a 48-hours delivery period when selecting fast shipping options.

6. Maximize Website Speed & Efficiency

Imagine having good traffic on your WooCommerce store but still getting a high bounce rate; it seems scary! Yes, it can be possible if your website speed is slow and customers get frustrated initially because your website takes ages to load a single product. The chances are apparent that you not only miss potential leads but also minimize your chances of boosting your WooCommerce store growth.

 Tips for Boosting Sales on Your WooCommerce Stores

You can check how the loading speed can be a game-changer for your WooCommerce store. A study by Google reveals that if a page takes longer than 3 seconds to load, 53% of mobile users will abandon that page. So it proves that a slow website can negatively impact search engines’ ranking, decreasing visibility, traffic, and sales.

So that’s necessary to improve website speed to ensure customer satisfaction and increase conversion. It can be possible by selecting a hosting platform that provides incredible speed. Also, avoid implementing themes and plugins that cause a website to slow down. Several tools in the market make website speed optimization a breeze.

7. Set Up Wholesale Area in Existing WooCommerce Store

Who doesn’t like to entertain diverse customers? Having more than one store means more chances of revenue, but multiple platforms can create a mess. What if you can run your retail and wholesale business parallel without multiple platforms? Sounds interesting!

Woocommerce allows you to establish a wholesale area in your WooCommerce store. To make this dream a reality, you can use any B2B wholesale plugin for Woocommerce that allows your business to create a separate wholesale section of your store with customer-specific pricing and minimum order quantities.

For example, you are a fashion retailer who could set up a wholesale area for their products and offer discounts for retailers who want to purchase bulk. This can help you make more sales and support you in building maintained relationships with other businesses in the industry.

This indicates that a wholesale area within an existing store can be a valuable investment for a business and allow you to skyrocket WooCommerce sales.

8. Effective Sales Agents Management

How businesses manage their sales agents can also impact their WooCommerce sales. With the right strategies and tools, businesses can accelerate their sales team performance and increase sales online. By setting clear goals and targets, businesses can keep their sales agents motivated and focused on achieving success.  Also, performance tracking through the dashboard and sharing feedback help agents identify bottlenecks in the process, leading them to better performance and generating higher sales for the business.

Effective sales agent management means a balanced process of generating revenue. No matter what industry your business belongs to, it’s necessary to actively handle your sales reps by providing training, setting sales goals, and how they improve customer experience can help your Woocommerce store achieve optimal success.

In-effective management can lead your WooCommerce store growth to lost opportunities, missed revenues, and decreased customer satisfaction. So by implementing a correct plugin for your sales agent, you will improve management and get an intelligent way to make your business growth sustainable, boosting sales.

9. Simplify the Check-Out Procedure

Many customers need help with their checkout process for reasons like lengthy forms or complex payment methods. So WooCommerce stores must introduce a simple and direct checkout process that reduces cart abandonment rates, making it easier for customers to purchase and sell WooCommerce.

Around 17% of consumers of the e-commerce platform abandon carts because of the complex checkout process.


In today’s competitive WooCommerce landscape, boosting sales can be a complex puzzle. However, following the ten tips highlighted in this blog can help you get recognition as a market leader and drive more revenue for your business.

But why stop there? To benefit your WooCommerce store, consider implementing a power suite of tools like AIO B2B. With its suite of influential plugins for WooCommerce, it can help automate your store operations, reduce errors, and increase efficiency. From custom pricing to private stores and many notable features, this solution can change your business dynamics in 360 manners.


How can I increase sales quickly?

To increase your sales quickly, you can run promotional campaigns, optimize your website speed and give an excellent user experience. Discounts can also play a leading role in accelerating your WooCommerce store growth.

How to increase retail sales for new and existing customers?

Improving your product pages, offering free shipping, and making loyalty an essential part of your retail strategy can help you to enhance retail sales for new and existing customers.

How much commission does a sales agent earn?

The commission sales agents can vary depending on the industry, company, and type of product or service being sold. However, a commission is usually set based on a percentage of the total sale amount ranging from 20% to 25%.

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