Sales agent for WooCommerce


1.Installation #

  1. Download the plugin zip file from WordPress
  2. Navigate to the WordPress Admin Dashboard > Plugins
  3. Click on the Add New button in the top left corner.
  4. Click the Upload plugin button and upload the zip file of the plugin which you downloaded earlier.
  5. Click the “Install now” button.
  6. Once installed, click the “Activate” link.

2.Commission Category #

How to add a commission category?

  1. Go to wp-admin menu → Commission Category.
  2. Add the name of the commission category.
  3. Add a slug (slug is the URL-friendly version of the name)
  4. Add a description of your commission category
  5. Add the commission percentage
  6. Click on the Add New button (that means the commission is created, and the admin will be able to assign it to the agent).

Front-end impact

  • Admin can view all commission categories with commission percentage
  • Admin can view, edit & delete commission categories.

3.Commission List #

Inside the Commission List:

  • Admin can view commission list/details. 
  • Admin can edit commission list/details.

How to view the commission list?

  • Go to agents → Commission List. 
    1. Admin can search by agent name and filter by date [from to]
    2. Admin can export all commissions [export will be applied only if a search is applied]
    3. Agent Name 
    4. Order number 
    5. Order date 
    6. Commission value 
    7. Order status 
  • Option to edit or delete

  • Click on the Export button (search applied) → Export CSV

How to change commission status?

On viewing commission details, the admin can change the status of any commission (Paid/Pending/Cancelled) using a drop-down menu. They can also view details, including:

  • Order number 
  • Order date
  • Commission status: admin can change commission status for [pending, paid, canceled]

4.Sales Agents - Administrator View #

Create a new sales agent

  1. Go to the wp-admin menu → AgentsAdd New
  2. Add the agent’s first and last name
  3. Customer Registration (Yes/No). (Yes) The agent would be able to create a customer from the my-account page.
  4. Assign the sales agent role to any WordPress user.
  5. Assign commission category to your agent (define commission percentage for this agent),
  6. Click on the Create button.

List view of all agents

Admin can view a list of all agents, including details like:

  • Agent username.
  • Agent First/Last name 
  • Customers related to this user
  • Commission category that is assigned to this agent.

Admin will be asked for confirmation if they want to delete a sales agent.

Admin can filter by commission category.

View customers related to sales agents

Admin can view a list of all customers related to sales agents (created by agents or assigned to them).

How do view customers related to sales agents?

  • Go to agents, → View Customers 
  • View all customers list by all details.

  •  Click on View customers.

View customer details

How to view customer details?

Admin can view all customers details, including:

  • Go to the customer listView details.
    1. Admin can view all customer details.
    2. Admin can change sales agents.
    3. Admin can view all orders related to their customers with all details. 
    4. Admin can search for the specific order.
  • Click on edit admin to view order details.

5.Sales Agents - Agent View #

What can sales agents do?

Sales agents can view certain details about their profile and create new orders (on behalf of the customers) and customers’ profiles.

  • Agent statistics
  • Agent customers 
  • Agent orders 
  • Agent commissions

How can sales agents create customer profiles?

  1. Go to Agent Customers → Create Customer.
  2. The agent can add all customer info. 
  3. Click on save changes.


How can sales agents view their customer list?

  1. Go to the wp-admin menuAgent Customers 
  2. The agent can view a list of all customers. 
  3. The agent can use filters to view specific customers (if the search is applied).
  4. The agent can view customer details. 
  5. Agents can make orders on behalf of their customers (When clicked, it will switch agents to a customer account. Sales agents will be able to access the Shop, Cart, and Checkout page)

How can sales agents view customer information & orders?

  • Agents can view all customer info.
  • Agents can edit all customer info.
  • Agents can view all orders created by customers.
  • Agents can view customer WooCommerce order details.

How can sales agents create an order for customers?

  1. Go to the wp-admin menu → Agent CustomersMake an Order
  2. Click on the “Make an order” button. It will switch the agent account to the customer’s account.

  • Click on the Back to Agent button to switch from customer account to agent account.

How to view customer orders?

Agents can view customers’ orders.

  • Go to the wp-admin menu → Agent Orders 
  • Agents can view all customer’s orders and search.

(To click on View to get the order details)

How to view agent commissions?

Agents will be able to view all commissions lists.

  • Go to the wp-admin menu → Agent Commission
  • View order number 
  • View order date 
  • View commissions value
  • The agent can export all commissions  records

Agent can export all commission records to Click on the Export button (search applied)

How to view agent statistics?

Agents will be able to view all statistics.

  • Go to the wp-admin menu → Agent Statistics.
  • Agents can filter by customers, orders, and commissions.

6.Sales Dashboard #

Sales dashboard options and filters

  • Go to → wp-admin menuAgentsDashboard
  • Admin can find a monthly report of :
    • Number of created customers by current agent month
    • Number of created sales agents a current month
    • Number of orders of the current month
    • Total of commissions monthly
    • Number of paid commissions current month
    • Number of pending commissions current month

7.General Settings #

How do change general settings?

  • Go to the wp-admin menuAgentsGeneral Settings
  • Admin can add text to the Filter Commission Condition String field.
  • Admin can add Dashboard Condition String field.
  • Admin can set/add List Number Rows #.

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